Key People


Local Producer

Sérgio is a versatile and experienced filmmaker. He began as an Assistant Director, then quickly acquired the skills for Location Scouting and Casting Direction as well. He is based in Lisbon, and at the same time working nationwide or overseas. Being a polyglot (speaks 4 languages), most of his work is in international productions from all over the world. Besides Portugal, he has filmed in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden & Cuba. His name is linked to dozens of productions of all genres (feature & short films, TV films series & shows, music videos, documentaries, commercials, photo productions, etc). In the past few years, he acquired new production skills working as a production manager, executive producer, fixer and production consultant.


International Production Specialist

Lisette is a highly skilled and versatile Production Manager with twelve years of experience in both blockbuster films and TV productions. Lisette's expertise spans various renowned production companies, including Orca Films, Quiet Motion, Nordisk Film TV, and Exaltation Productions, with work featured on Telemundo. Her diverse background showcases her ability to handle complex projects and contribute to successful TV shows and films across different genres and formats. With her talent and extensive experience, Lisette brings a wealth of creativity and professionalism to the world of filmmaking.

Fixer Portugal is a local network of media professionals based in Lisbon. We can offer production support to TV/film crews & assist international journalists covering Portugal.

Should you consider coming to Lisbon, Porto or anywhere else in Portugal to do production or a report, please feel free to drop us a line.

  • Our Portuguese production & film fixers have flexible fees
  • We act as a one-stop-shop and can put together project-based production teams
  • We can also offer individual services such as scouting filming locations throughout Portugal, fact checking or general production assistance


We are part of Storytailors video production company, an international network of trusted media professionals offering local help to journalists and filmmakers.

Our international network of production people is spread across a number of countries:

Our International Production Network


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