Portugal is slightly undervalued in the production world at the moment, although it offers amazing places and affordable rates. Portugal filming locations are generally popular because they include gorgeous beaches, stunning villages, modern cities and mountainous areas all within a 6-hour drive (which is how long it takes to drive from north to south).


Portugal’s southermost region enjoys even more sub than the rest of the country: 300+ days a year. Some call the area The Portuguese Riviera as many go there for high-end tourist experiences.

Picturesque fishermen villages lie on the ocean shore, although much of their simplicity was replaced by villas and restaurants.

Filming in Algarve can be done with relative ease as authorities are generally open to production crews.

Portugal filming locations


Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago of four islands off the African coast.

The area has a great food & wine culture and combines the Mediterranean city style with mountains. The highest peak on the main island is Pico Ruvio (1,62 metres above sea level). The place is volcanic, green and rugged, with high cliffs, pebbly beaches and settlements on deltas of the Fajã River.

Madeira, one of the most popular Portugal filming locations


Located in the mid-Atlantic, the Azores are unique among filming locations in Portugal given their mix of dramatic landscapes, villages that feel remote and endless green pastures.

Sandy beaches are rare as high cliffs and boulders usually mark the ocean shore.

The tallest mountain is Pico (2,351 metres).


Located 50 km from the ocean shore, Coimbra is a riverfront city and the capital of medieval Portugal. Its well-preserved Old Town includes a large square and inland Mediterranean architecture.

Coimbra is an excellent filming location for illustrating medieval-stile backdrops and narrow picturesque streets.

Portugal filming locations - Coimbra

The Douro Valley

Located between the city of Porto and the eastern border with Spain, the valley of the Douro River is one of the most popular wine areas in the world. The region is a charming mix between wilderness, vineyards and small rural communities.

The Douro Valley is an ideal filming location for illustrating village life.

Lisbon & Porto

Both municipalities have made significant efforts in the past 10 years to facilitate TV and commercial productions. In general, authorities are open to foreign production crews and filming permits can take 7 days or even less.