Luxurious green islands, endless coastline, blue-tiled architecture, all make Portugal a telegenic country. But it is the tax scheme for the movie industry that helps filmmakers make up their minds fast. And with top-notch production services in Portugal, one can only think of one thing. When do you start filming?

Cash Rebate Scheme & Production Services in Portugal

The rebate scheme introduced in2018 put Portugal on the filmmakers’ map. It provides considerable support for foreign and national producers. With the authorities’ backup, more videographers opt for shooting here. The Covid-19 pandemic did leave a mark on the film industry here too. It forced many providers of production services in Portugal to put things on hold for a while. But as soon as restrictions started to loosen up, many are trying to get back on track.

The cash rebate is crucial at the moment to take advantage of the existing opportunities. Cinemas may not be fully functional yet. But streaming platforms have made way for new productions. And they dominate the market, so filmmakers strive to create more content.

The Portuguese authorities can provide up to 25-30% for the cash rebate. This applies, of course, to eligible production spend, both international and Portuguese. Co-productions can also qualify for the rebate scheme. And the good news is the budget may increase in the upcoming period.

Since 2018, the authorities have allocated €22.5 million for the film rebate scheme. The funding pumped into the industry has paid off, given the high number of productions.

While it may be difficult now to estimate what incomes this funding can draw, one thing is clear. Throughout the pandemic, these funds have turned into lifesavers for many projects. Supplying production services in Portugal or shooting in good conditions was again possible. What remains to confirm is how much of the cinemas will get replaced by streaming platforms.

Productions Rolling During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The generous cash rebate has encouraged many filmmakers to take a leap of faith.  It also made it possible for production services in Portugal to deliver top results. So even during the pandemic, some projects kept rolling.

Gloria, a spy thriller for Netflix about the cold war is one production almost ready to release. Other titles include Frankie, Patrick, signed by the producer Luis Urbano. As for TV series blooming with this rebate scheme, Pecado (Sin) is a notable one. Maria João Mayer is behind this six-part series. Also, Fernando Vendrell wants to use the rebate for two projects – The Crossing and Castaways. He successfully used the funding on his 2019 hit Variações and on Clear Shadows, an upcoming TV series.

RTP, Portugal’s main broadcasting organization, expanded its array of collaborations. They work with Netflix, HBO, major U.S. platforms, but also have co-productions with EU countries. Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland are on the list.

The scheme also covers visual effects. The Nu Boyana Portugal company in Braga is ensuring VFX on Hellboy, Angel Has Fallen,and Jolt.

The current cash rebate encourages producers, both local and foreign to film more. If you plan to shoot here, count on Portugal Fixer for top support.