Famous for places like Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, and Cabo da Roca, Portugal is a true European gem when it comes to finding places for video production. But what about hiring a production coordinator in Portugal, while you work there? Here’s what you need to know for a great hire.

Benefits of hiring a production coordinator in Portugal

What are some of the benefits of hiring a production coordinator in Portugal? First, you cut on the overall costs of your production. This is because it’s much cheaper to hire someone from the country you’re working in, than flying them in. Great media producers from Lisbon or Porto are experienced in media productions in the country, naturally, so they will surely have a lot of tips for you and your team. If they can speak English well, they’re good to go. Spanish “doesn’t work” here, as Portuguese is the official language of the country.

Another benefit of hiring a production coordinator in Portugal from the ground has to do with their knowledge of their own country. It’s one thing to hire someone from the US, for example, to lead a team in Portugal. And a completely different experience having someone like a local doing it. They know the vibes and the workarounds, logistics and prices, equipment places, the list goes on and on. If something goes wrong with your production, they know where the salvation is no matter the situation.

Besides being affordable and knowledgeable, a local coordinator will also be quicker to make judgments based on local situations, like weather changes and current events, than a coordinator who’s brought from afar. Again, these things might sound minor now, but on the ground, they make a ton of difference!

Tips for a great Portugal filming session

Hiring a production coordinator in Portugal for your future moviemaking is the first step in having a great session in the land of beautiful cities, pristine oceanic coastlines, and colorful castles. Speaking of castles, there is an entire city in Portugal dedicated to adult fun. Not in the immediate way you might think about, no. This is not Las Vegas by any means, but Sintra! This spectacular city is right by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, offering some unique architecture to check out. The most remarkable place is the Quinta Della Regaleria, a castle garden with hundreds of unique structures that just look like an adults playground.

Right after Sintra at about 30 minutes by bus stands Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost point in continental Europe. This place is notorious for winds that go up to 120 kilometers per hour on a regular day. It might not be the ideal place to shoot when this happens, but besides that, Cabo da Roca makes for some tasteful backdrops. Check out the many beaches on the shores, with dramatic rocks and waves that can reach 10 meters or higher in height. You will without a doubt enjoy this place a ton!