Filming in Portugal is a holiday in itself, if you take out the long hours, of course. By hiring a great production assistant in Portugal, you’ll get to enjoy not just the filming and the overall production, which are tons of fun, but also the scenery, the culture, food, and people.

Hiring a production assistant in Portugal

The job of hiring a production assistant in Portugal shouldn’t be hard. Famous all over the world for the many attractions, both natural and man-made, from all over the country, Portugal is a beautiful destination with a history in filmmaking. One main reason why Portugal is so incredible for filming projects is its capital, Lisbon. Nestled right at the opening of the Atlantic Ocean, this city of millions is filled with incredible architectural wonders, starting with the Jeronimos Monastery. Another place where filming crews love to shoot is the Comercial Square, or Praça do Comércio, a beautiful square right by the water and with a view over the “Golden Gate” Portuguese bridge.

Away from the capital and to the North-West is the famous Sintra, with its many sublime settlements. Considered the playground of the adults in the country and not just, Sintra is home to many castles with colorful towers, weird wells, and serene views. A production assistant in Portugal will one hundred percent include Sintra on the list for your filming locations, as it can be the perfect setting for any documentary or movie about might and magic. Let’s not forget about the ocean, and the dramatic coastline one can film at by the Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost point in continental Europe. With a wind that blows like at the back of a plane taking off, few places are more intense for a scene than Cabo da Roca.

What’s it like filming in Portugal

Filming in Portugal is fun, putting aside the many normal legalities and filming permits one can expect from such a country, as with any other. But nothing a great production assistant in Portugal won’t be able to handle in a bit. In terms of weather, Portugal has great temperatures with vivid sun and little winds for most of the winds, if you’re filming away from the ocean and into the more hilly side of the country. If filming in Lisbon or Porto, the two main cities of the country, expect great weather all year round, although wind can prove to be a minor setback sometimes.

In terms of prices, Portugal is not the cheapest destination for filming crews, no. But the level of quality service is outstanding, with hotels and everything having to do with hospitality being at the top of the chain. In terms of equipment and sets, Portugal is very offering, as well as in terms of costumes, ground workforce, even actors who’re ready to help on your set. Bottom line, Portugal is a great choice for your next big production, regardless of its topic or complexity.