Famous all around the world for the sublime Lisbon capital, the second city Porto, impressive opening to the Atlantic Ocean, and many other sights, Portugal is a must for filmmakers. Organizing the perfect media production in Portugal is possible. This is where you belong.

Nailing media production in Portugal right away

What makes a great media production in Portugal? It’s all about organizing it right, isn’t it? Starting with the basics, namely locations. For each location you’ll be visiting in Portugal, you will need filming permits, especially if the spot is in public areas. Filming days must be organized alongside local police, for example, if you need to stop traffic on certain streets. For private properties, namely the more touristy ones, booking a filming day in advance is a great idea and a must-do step. You can’t just show up with a crew and cameras and expect to be able to film.

Next comes the logistics. Media production in Portugal is not cheap, but neither expensive. It’s priced just right if you take care of things like accommodation, transportation, food, and other essentials in advance. Booking a local fixer might be a great idea in this regard. Locals know what’s the best way to go in anything regarding logistics, such as transportation from Lisbon to Sintra, for example, for a shooting day. It might be cheaper to take a bus than the train, for example, and so on.

Another important step in nailing your production in Portugal from the very first time is hiring locals for it. Not just the fixers, no. Camera people, sound technicians, even handlers of equipment, or actors, all of them can be hired at good prices on the ground. This will significantly reduce your costs and don’t worry, most Portuguese speak good English.

Portugal’s must-see and film

Now that the internal works of your media production in Portugal are sorted, let’s dive into the external. Namely, the places you’ll want to shoot at. From the very start, you should know that this little country is a true gem for filmmakers, despite its little size. You’ve got it all here, from nature to large cities, and from remote islands to impressive hilltop castles. Sintra is one example of the ultimate playground for adults and is filled with castles and mysterious gardens, like the Quinta da Regaleira.

Lisbon is a must for your shooting itinerary. One place you shouldn’t miss is the Jeronimos Monastery, considered to have the most beautiful cluster in the world. Then head to Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost point in continental Europe, for some dramatic sceneries of the ocean and surreal beaches. The place is so beautiful, you’ll simply never want to leave. But bring caution with you, as winds here can make it feel like you’re shooting at the back of a 747 taking off most of the time.

Finally, Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal, deserves its own filmmaking session, offering cultural heritage and culinary tradition that’s worth your time.